Easy One Pan Italian Chicken Meal Prep

Easy One Pan Italian Chicken Meal Prepfeatured

I woke up Sunday morning determined to meal prep for the week. I was thinking I want something easy, but also yummy and healthy. While scrolling though Pinterest, half awake and too lazy to get out of bed,  I stumble upon this recipe for Italian Chicken Meal Prep Bowls from the food blog Easy Peazy Mealz. It looked like everything I wanted, so I decided to make it!


Fast forward one quick trip to the grocery store later, and I’m in my kitchen. The prep for this recipe is super easy and anyone can do it! First, I line my sheet pan with foil, spray it with some non-stick, olive oil, cooking spray, and just keep it next to the cutting board. That way when I’m chopping the chicken breast and vegetables, they can go straight on to the pan.

Baked Italian chicken straight out of the oven.

This is one of the easiest meal prepping recipes I’ve ever made. Want to make the recipe easier on yourself though? Buy a small jar of Italian seasoning rather than making your own! Add about 4 tsp. of the Italian seasoning like I did, with salt and pepper to taste and you’ll be golden. After drizzling all the chicken and veggies with olive oil don’t be afraid to get a little messy in the kitchen. I always pull up my sleeves and think it’s much easier to mix all the ingredients with my hands! It’s also a lot quicker this way and, personally, I think the olive oil and spices coat the vegetables and chicken much better this way. When I’m at home and my momma makes dumplings, she always uses her hands to mix the meat for the filling, so that’s where I got this idea!

Baking, Storing, and Serving

To cook everything, just pop it in the oven! After baking for about 17 minutes (the recipe says 15-20 minutes in the oven so I just always bake thing in between the range given) and broiling for 2 minutes, you’re set for the week.

I love this recipe because the chicken turns out soft and flavorful. A lot of times I don’t like chicken breast because it’s served as one big piece. When chicken is served like that, to me, it lacks flavor all the way though and the chicken is very dry and tough. In this recipe the chicken is cut into cubes and mixed with yummy vegetables which give you the flavor and moisture so you don’t get this problem!

This recipes serves 4 so you can easily use it as a quick weeknight dinner for your family for friends. If your boyfriend is big and tall like mine and eats 2-3 servings of the meal then it can also be a dinner for two. That’s a stretch though so probably not!

Italian chicken stored in Snapware glass containers!

I stored my baked Italian chicken in glass containers and ate my chicken over brown rice somedays and over salad other days. Honestly its up to you how you eat it! Get creative:)

Italian chicken over a bed of spinach, red cabbage, and carrots.

Hope you enjoy this recipe like I did!

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