Actually The Best Chocolate Cake Ever

Actually The Best Chocolate Cake Everfeatured

Me: Hi, my name is Niva, and I am a chocoholic.

Other chocoholics sitting in a circle around me in succinct and monotone voice: “Hi Niva.”

Fun fact, “chocoholic” is an actual word in the English language and doesn’t get underlined in red when I’m typing it into Google!

The Cake

Okay, as you can tell I love chocolate, especially dark chocolate. That’s why when I saw this recipe on Pinterest I just had to make it. This chocolate cake recipe is originally from Lindsay who is the author/co-creator of Pinch of Yum. It’s one of my favorite food blogs. This cake is moist, rich, and oh so yummy!

Usually when I start a cake recipe I mix the wet and dry ingredients separately and then add the wet to the dry. But if I you watch the video, you’ll see it’s okay to just mix the dry ingredients together and then add in the wet ingredients one at a time to the dry mixture. Also, when making this cake, I didn’t have specifically vegetable oil on hand (which is the type of oil the recipe states to use). However, I did have canola oil. Canola oil is a type of vegetable oil. It can sometimes be used as a substitution for vegetable oil in baking, so I used that instead! Other ingredients that I used that differed from the recipe were Via Roma espresso powder–instead of the DeLallo brand–and Kirkland Greek yogurt instead of Chobani whole milk yogurt. Overall the cake was simple, easy to make, and the instructing fairly easy to follow.

The Frosting

While the cake is in the oven you can start making the frosting. Make sure you get a BIG bowl for the frosting. 7 cups of powdered sugar is no joke my friends. Don’t make the same mistake I did and underestimate how big of a bowl you actually need. Go big or go home! By the time I put all the ingredients in my small bowl to cream, I had a little powdered sugar tower peeping a few inches over the top of the bowl. Also, 7 cups of powdered sugar seemed like a lot of sugar to me when I read the recipe. However, in the end the frosting turns out to be so good that I learned I should just trust the recipe and not worry too much! The frosting was perfect.

I’d have to say the worst part is waiting 15-20ish minutes for the cake to cool after taking it out of the oven. I had everything ready and I just had to assemble!! It was a hard wait but from past experience with my impatience-ness, it’s well worth the wait to let the cake cool before frosting it.  If you don’t wait for your cake to cool all your beautiful frosting will just start melting off of your cake and make a sugary puddle at the bottom of your cake (or it was cupcakes in my case).

Putting It Together

Finally, the second best part (aside from eating the cake), is assembling the cake. The instructions don’t specifically state this, but for those of you who don’t know, it helps to level all 3 cake layers by cutting off the rounded top. Leveling the cake layers will give your cake a nice, smooth, flat finish at the top and make stacking the layers tons easier!

Once I finished frosting the cake I simply threw the chocolate chips on the side of the cake. However, if you want a more clean and finished look, follow these instructions. Just throwing and pressing the chocolate chips on is probably the easy, quick way to get about the same affect. I also didn’t put any chocolate chips on the top of the cake or drizzle melted chocolate over the cake.

Storing Your Cake

Lastly, I found that keeping the cake out kept it nice and moist, but putting it in the fridge made it stiff and not as flavorful. What I did was I kept the cake in the fridge to last longer and then I took it out 30 minutes before serving! Always trying to find the best of both worlds. Options, options.

This is a huge cake so share it with your friends and family, eat it with your favorite ice cream, or eat it all by yourself, no judgement here!

Hands down, this is the best chocolate cake I’ve ever made.

Tip: I like to take my butter out at in advance before I start making the cake.This gives the butter time to soften for the frosting. You can also put the butter in the microwave for 15-30 seconds so it softens a bit but does not completely melt. I do it that way when I forget to take the butter out earlier!

Also, if you find yourself wondering what the difference between canola vs. vegetable oil, find out here!

Cheers and enjoy your chocolaty goodness.


  • Texture: 10/10
  • Presentation:9/10
  • Flavor:10/10
  • Ease of Instructions:8/10
  • Overall Rating: 9/10

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