Avocado Cafe: A Hidden Gem in Texas

Avocado Cafe: A Hidden Gem in Texasfeatured

Who doesn’t love eating out? Also, when you eat out AND it’s healthy? BIG PLUS. So, if you’re ever visiting the San Antonio/New Braunfels area in South Central Texas or if you’re a Texas native just taking a break from your mundane life, take a detour off Loop 1604 and down FM 2252 to checkout Avocado Café & Juice Bar! It’s a hidden gem on the outskirts of San Antonio. The café offers yummy, gluten-free options too with almost every meal. Parker’s mom recommended Avocado Café to us for a lunch date and so we went! It was lovely. This cute lunch spot has a vintage vibe to it with all the eclectic furniture pieces to fuel your bohemian, girly, old-fashioned spirit. The restaurant itself was once an old German colony house. Now, this colony house is a family owned, cozy eatery. How neat is that?

The Main Course

Avocado Café offers indoor and outdoor seating, and we chose to eat indoors since it was a hot, summer day in Texas! After looking at the menu, I decided on their TKO—Tomato Knock Out and Parker got the JS Signature Sandwich. You can find the menu here if you’re curious about what else they have! (Side Note: when you’re looking at the menu check out the “Surprise Me” )

The TKO was a tomato stuff with chicken salad, topped with avocado dressing, cheese, and Applewood smoked bacon! Love bacon. It was the first thing I tasted on the plate and it lived up to all my crispy bacon expectations.  The avocado dressing underneath the bacon was thick and creamy and not as liquid in consistency as regular dressings. It was more like mashed, seasoned avocados but it was still good! However, I thought the chicken salad stuffed in the tomato was a bit bland, but eating it with everything else on the plate tasted okay. Overall the TKO is more a glorified salad with original presentation than anything else. I’ve never had a stuffed tomato before! Also, I enjoyed the wheat berry toast they served with the meal. The bread came out perfectly brown, toasted, and had a hint of sweetness that wasn’t overpowering. It was different but delicious and paired well with the other flavors on the plate.


Chocolate Cupcake with White Meringue Frosting

For dessert (definitely my favorite food category), both Parker and I got a chocolate cupcake with white meringue frosting. The frosting was interesting. Not really smooth, but kind of rubbery-ish (can we make that a word?:)) in texture. Even though the texture wasn’t to my liking, the frosting tasted good-by itself and even better with the cake. The chocolate cake was perfect. Fluffy, moist, and everything good. I like to cut off the bottom half of my cupcakes and flip them over on top of my frosting and make a mini cupcake sandwich! Parker prefers to eat all his frosting first and then eat the cake underneath. But whichever way you eat your cupcake, it’s always a sweet end to a fun meal.

Besides the delicious food, I think my favorite part of going to Avocado Café was going up to the register to pay for our meal and talking to the owner, Scott, about a myriad of thing. We covered college, our majors, his job teaching in Japan before coming to Texas, and he and Parker bonded over their love of video games for about 15 minutes. Overall, our lunch was superb, the café had great service, and I definitely made a mental note to go back there again with my friends and family.


  • Atmosphere: 9/10
  • Food:7/10
  • Presentation:9/10
  • Service:10/10
  • Overall Rating: 9/10

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